Somatic Practice for Self-Care

Hello sweet soul,

We are excited to be offering this somatic practice series to our BIPOC community.

This is a gentle, loving space centering BIPOC rooted resilience, embodied sovereignty and relational integrity.

Guided by somatic healing practitioner and consensual culture creator, Denise Chang, you'll be received as you are and leave with 1-2 somatic exercises that you can begin integrating into your daily practice.

We will officially meet for an hour, with an optional 30 min Q&A and community sharing portion after.

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photo of Denise writing in a journal
photo of Denise writing in a journal

Tip Toe Into Healing Sexual Trauma

This offering is for all women and femmes who want a consensual space to explore and unpack sexual trauma. 

This is for you if:

You feel ready to begin unpacking and healing your sexual trauma.
You want to heal from any shame you might be experiencing around it.
You want to know grow your capacity to experience pleasure in your body.
You're craving safety and intimacy in relationships but don't know how to create it. 

We'll be moving slowly and gently, starting with a somatic practice to create a wider base of support for your nervous system. 

Then, there'll be a short lesson on how to sexual trauma manifests and resolves, including tons of storytelling and space for you to optionally share.

You are welcomed in this space as you are. You may take a back seat and simply observe and receive. You may feel ready to share your experience and want to tell your story. We will not be sharing explicit details of our experience to honor the safety of our group. 

This workshop will be recorded, and when you register, you will be added to our mailing list and can unsubscribe anytime! 

September 29th, 2021
4pm PST

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