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SAFER: Creating a Secure Attachment to Self

An introduction to cultivating inner safety through the nervous system and somatic practice for BIPOC.

January 28th & 29th, 2022
Friday & Saturday
4pm-7pm pst
+ an in depth workbook
+ a 90-min integration circle, date tbd

$150 per person, with payment plan available

This workshop is designed for folks of color who want to learn the basics of nervous system dynamics and develop the capacity for secure attachment within themselves.

At the center of secure attachment is the relational need for home: the felt-sense safety, connection and belonging rooted in our self-worth and sovereignty.

And as the seasons change and circumstances continue to shift, our body remains our tender home. Our relationship to this body, this home, must deepen in a culture where we are disembodied and hurting.

Within us is a vast and robust healing capacity that is intrinsic to our humanity, and our embodiment practices gives us access to this life force.

When we grow our relationship to our embodied inner experience, we become better able to care for our needs, limits and desires that support us in building secure attachment.

Finding safety, connection and belonging within ourselves offers us the blueprint for creating that with others.

This workshop will offer the wisdom, practice and community for you to:

  • Understand the language of your nervous system and how to respond with care and compassion
  • Develop and cultivate a felt-sense of safety within the nervous system
  • Define what safety and secure attachment means to you
  • Create resilience and capacity within your embodied experience
  • Move away from codependent forms of relating and towards interdependence (it begins with you!)
  • Feel rooted inside and resourced by your self-worth and sovereignty
  • Find gentle, soft power within ancestral connection
  • Receive simple and doable somatic practices for integration

This is for anyone who identifies as a person of color, and is of any gender identity.

For folks who are white or white-passing, you may join the waitlist for a separate series on the registration form below.

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photo of Denise writing in a journal

Sexual Sovereignty Healing Circle

A somatic trauma resolution and erotic movement arts
healing circle
for melanated women and femmes

March 31st, 2022
5-7pm PST
$25 / person

This offering is a coalescence of somatic trauma resolution, erotic movement arts and a community care circle that centers your body and lived experience as a melanated woman or femme, held by an experienced facilitator.

You’ll be dropping into a soft, loving space to land with the expereinces you’ve carried around your sexual sovereignty, especially inside the colonial cisheteronormative patriarchy.

We’ll begin by moving through somatic practices for receptivity and building nervous system capacity, followed by a storytelling and witness circle, and then a slow, gentle erotic movement arts sequence to explore your relationship to sensuality, consent and pleasure.

This is for you if:

  • You crave a safe-enough space to reclaim your sexuality and sovereignty, little by little
  • You want to expand your capacity for embodied pleasure, joy and desire
  • You need to understand how sexual trauma shows up in your body and behaviors and how to heal
  • You feel ready for sexual liberation and want the practices that can support you in it
  • You desire a community to de-shamify your sexual experiences and be witnessed in your truth
  • You are on a healing journey of decolonizing your body and spirituality and this is a natural next step

You are welcomed in this space no matter where you’re at in your healing, there are no requirements besides identifying as a woman or femme of color. You may take a back seat and simply observe and receive the healing energy and erotic qi. You may not feel ready to share your experience and just want to witness. We will not be sharing explicit details of our experiences to honor the safety of our group. Let yourself be loved, seen and met just as you are. This offering is capped at 15 people.

I’m Denise, your facilitator. I’m a queer, nonbinary femme practicing solo-polyamory on occupied Kumeyaay land. I’m a Daoist Malaysian Chinese immigrant and a somatic trauma resolution practitioner, erotic movement arts facilitator and consensual culture conduit. I’ve facilitated hundreds of healing circles and workshops over the last 4 years and this offering is the emergence of my own sexual liberation and the stewardship of my life’s work. Thank you for trusting me to be your guide.

Somatic Practice for Self-Care

Hello sweet soul,

We are excited to be offering this somatic practice series to our BIPOC community.

This is a gentle, loving space centering BIPOC rooted resilience, embodied sovereignty and relational integrity.

Guided by somatic healing practitioner and consensual culture creator, Denise Chang, you'll be received as you are and leave with 1-2 somatic exercises that you can begin integrating into your daily practice.

We will officially meet for an hour, with an optional 30 min Q&A and community sharing portion after.

photo of Denise writing in a journal
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