1:1 somatic support

slow and gentle trauma resolution

pleasure and eros embodiment

for queer beings and melanated friends

6-month ImmersionDrop-In Sessions

 Why somatic support?

The practice of consensual culture begins at the body. In order for us to liberate ourselves from the oppression of the white supremacist capitalist patriarchy, we must first understand how these dynamics live within the subtle nuances of our nervous system as traumatic imprints.

These sessions are facilitated based on the knowing that your soul, body and psyche has an inherent treatment plan; a blueprint of health, and with enough safety and capacity, we can co-create the conditions in which its healing capacity can unfold. It is the practice of attuning to and cooperating with the instinctual animal-body energetics and felt-sense whispers of wisdom within you.

With enough safety, resourced capacity and titrated doability, we can allow for the miracle of alchemizing trauma and the emergence of our essence-nature to take place. Little by little.

There are two ways you can receive somatic support; a 6-month immersive program, or through drop-in sessions.

6-month Immersion

This immersive trauma resolution program is designed based on alchemizing a Current Way of Being into an Emergent Way of Being. Think of this immersion as a healing portal in which you’ll be abundantly supported as you shed, let die an old way of being, and create space for the emergence of your blueprint essence-nature. 

This is most suitable for folks who have enough awareness of where they are getting stuck and embodied capacity to complete and transform imprints that may have roots in developmental (ages 0-15 or more), within the context of intergenerational and collective trauma. If you’re curious if this is a good fit for you, you can book a Feeler Call and we can get a sense for your readiness together. 

I recommend a 6-month program for those who want to work through:

  • Expression and embodiment of identity and sexuality, including after experiences of sexual trauma
  • Self-worthiness and knowing and feeling, mobilizing towards and receiving your needs
  • Sovereignty and boundaries in relationships, embodying Protector and Provider states
  • Embodying more joy, pleasure and sensuality through feeling more of your feels
  • Anxiety or depression in general, or in leadership, work and beyond
  • Anxious, avoidant or disorganized attachment styles in relationships 
  • Codependency and/or hyper-socializing (people-pleasing)

 what’s included

• a 2-hr Intake Call based on an in-depth Intake Form to understand your desires and challenges
• a 90-min Program Blueprint Call and a personalized Program Blueprint to understand your Current & Emergent Way of Being
• 10x 75-min 1:1 Sessions about twice a month where the magic happens
• voice note and email access for support in-between sessions
• complimentary or discounted access to workshops hosted through the school of consensual culture if applicable to you
• and lifetime access to a community portal and recommended resources on podia

Throughout the program, my intention is that you will:
Feel more pleasure, belonging and safety as your birthright.
Feel aliveness and possibility where you might have once felt stuck, frozen or disconnected.
Feel grounded, stable, clear where you might have once felt anxious, speedy, or hypervigilant.
Grow powerful resourcing capacities to meet the challenges in your day to day.
Be able to identify your embodied and energetic trauma responses and patterns and know how to work with them, not override, in real-time.
Understand nervous system dynamics and receive embodiment practices specific to what works for you.
Be less available for patriarchal, colonialist, capitalist dynamics and coercive forces by growing your sense of inherent worthiness and sovereignty.
Experience the emergence of your erotic essence nature; your sacred sexuality and feel confident in taking up space and being seen for it.
Feel more internal trust, safety and power in yourself where trauma was once clouding your judgement and keeping you in fear.

6-month Program Tuition




per month for 6 mos



per month for 9 mos

This pricing tier is for you if you are generally at ease with finances, can pay all your bills and have some expendable income or savings.

(complete the application process to be added to the waitlist)



per month for 6 mos



per month for 9 mos

This pricing tier is for you if you are comfortable with your finances, can afford to go on vacation and have expendable income and savings. 

* 2 spots currently available *

“Denise is an incredible healer and intuitive – I was consistently surprised by their ability to intuit exactly what was happening in my body and spiritual realm. Their awareness of my energetic realm, and of what guides, ancestors, etc were showing up for me was truly uncanny. Through my work with Denise, I finally was able to find the missing keys that help me resolve my chronic anxiety on a daily basis and find peace, instead of spending days or hours living with anxiety in my body. Our work has supported me in being able to build community and overcome my social anxiety, and it’s also helping me and improving my relationships with family as well. I now know what is showing up for me and why when it comes to my anxiety, which is a game changer. I also no longer make my anxiety incorrect or wrong, and can live with it when it needs to exist. Denise is a master of creating a safe space. I felt safer with Denise after one session that I have with multiple therapists after multiple sessions. My sessions with Denise also supported me in being able to claim my needs and wants, set up boundaries, and to be able to express them. One of my favorite things about my work with Denise is that they spent time educating me on what was going on in my body and why certain traumatic imprints were showing up for me. So, I am now armed with tools and information instead of feeling completely dependent on Denise to resolve everything that is coming up in my body. This work has been an absolute game changer for me even as someone who has done over a decade of therapy and who is an experienced mindset coach and healer in my own right. I originally started doing this work because I had hit a plateau with traditional talk therapy & I needed some support in moving trauma through my body, which I was certainly pretty sure it was the reason why I experienced such constant paralyzing anxiety… It turns out I was right and now thanks to Denise when my anxiety shows up I have the tools to be able to be with it, understand it, and resolve it. I’m grateful for their work and I am sure that I will work with them again.”

Gieselle A.

“I’ve spent more than a year being supported by denise, first while I was studying for my own coaching certification, and then I chose to follow up personally for some extra sessions. denise is kind, compassionate, open minded and held a space both gentle and powerful that allowed me to get at the bottom of some childhood trauma, and exclaim in our last session : “I’m free!!!”.

I was looking forward to each session with denise because I knew for a fact that things would shift. With denise, I’ve worked on letting go of a sense of urgency that I had felt in my body for years (hello capitalism and transgenerational trauma), I learnt how to prioritize my own needs without triggering my nervous system, and all in all connected with more pleasure and abundance.

I’d recommend working with denise if you desire a space where you can fully be yourself and get closer to your own essence and desires. They are an amazing human being and I loved working with them.”

Lyvia C.

“I can’t really tell you much about somatics, because it isn’t about what we can say to each other, it’s about what we can feel– of ourselves, of this world we belong to. It’s about the correlation between feeling more thus having more choices.”

– adrienne maree brown, emergent strategy

Drop-In Sessions

These sessions are one-off, one-hour long and offered based on a tiered sliding scale model. Drop-ins are for those who want to explore:

  • Somatic resourcing for attunement and presence
  • Learning the language of your felt-sense and subtle body
  • Receiving support around moving through grief and anger
  • Amplifying your blueprint essence-nature
  • Simple practices for receptivity, inter-sovereignty and centered integrity
  • Ancestral and deity connection
  • Cultivating your ecology of belonging
  • Psychic-medium channeling
  • Reiki energy healing

These sessions are great for receiving support around in-the-moment experiences such as integrating a family visit, feeling stuck around a decision to make, getting clarity on what needs and boundaries are present in a relationship dynamic, and/or wanting to reconnect to the body after any form of overwhelming experiences.

In these sessions, we would focus on one doable topic, as opposed to a deeper conditioned pattern of embodied survival strategies.

I also recommend drop-in sessions for those who are newer to any forms of therapeutic healing, have the curiosity and desire to experience somatic trauma resolution without committing to a program, or would like to build trust and integrity with the practitioner before starting a program.

I’ve had amazing client experiences who received 2-3 drop-in sessions before feeling ready to start a 6-month immersion.

“Denise has a loving, infinitely compassionate and expansive, and wise, attuned, & receptive heart for holding others, holding space, and being in radical relationships with others. The work they have done to be a lover, healer, facilitator, patterns-of-trauma disruptor, teacher, learner, healer, and guide of QTBIPOC souls also seeking and practicing liberation, self-love, care, and community which will heal & save us all shines forth in every short conversation they have, every circle facilitated, each interaction, every thought of engaging with the wholeness of another person. Your heart, soul, and lived experience are centered when you’re with them; they practice radical, consensual relationships in which there is growth and patterns for safety, trust, joy, and feeling held. Through working with Denise I have learned that their commitment, skills, and receiving their natural medicine is so finely attuned to others – to me in our relational space, to the groups I have been that they held – they really show up and do the work to have a felt-sense of trauma-informed care and facilitation for BIPOC femmes and to support our collective liberation. Denise is the wonder of relationships and trust and through knowing or working with them, my own relationship with my body, self-trust, self-agency and autonomy, and respecting and living in the body & heart I reside in have expanded and exploded into so many more colors, grown in presence and are much more alive.”

Celine J.

“I have been working with Denise in the past six months 1:1. Over this time, I have gained the capacity to understand and experience greater somatic awareness. The changes are subtle week to week, but as I reflect on the entirety of my program, I realize that as a result of our sessions together, I have grown awareness and confidence to make transformational changes in my personal and professional life. Denise is thoughtful, understanding, and full of wisdom. Their active listening, compassion, and knowledge put me at ease to pursue somatic work, which requires so much vulnerability and empathy. They introduced me to useful concepts, answered my questions patiently, and worked with me to customize a program that fit my vision and needs. I highly recommend them as a guide, teacher, and friend.”

Victoria W.

“Denise has honestly been an amazing mentor. They have so much wisdom and knowledge. They teach in such a gentle and non-judgmental way. You never feel like they are above you. They make you feel like an equal and makes sure to let you know you have the answers inside you and you are capable of self-healing. They are an amazing guide to help with working through that self-healing journey. Through working with Denise, they have helped me get to the root of my anxieties to start healing. For the first time in my life, I have seen a decrease in my anxiety and I finally have hope that I can manage it. I’ve been able to have more confidence and finally feel like I’m worthy. Before working with Denise, I was always subconsciously trying to numb my feelings. Now, I have confidence to face my feelings and work through them rather than hiding from them. I also have more awareness to my unhealthy patterns and the tools to work to change them.”

Raylene R.

Working with Denise has been such a supportive part of my healing journey. Denise creates soothing, safe, and nurturing settings for gently pushing through dissociative numbness and releasing stuck emotions. They facilitate this work with tenderness, responsiveness, and encouragement, and I have left each of our sessions feeling a sense of lightness and empowerment. I highly recommend working with them!”

Afra K.

As your guide, you can expect from me: my own sustained practice of body-based trauma resolution so I may lead from lived experience, gentle inter-sovereign and slow space holding, personalized meditations and practices, grounded and resourced care, mystical Taoist and Tantric philosophy and practices weaved in with cultural competency, honesty and integrity, education and wisdom-sharing, a deep reverence and honoring of my capacity and yours, intuitive messages and sensitive attunement to energetics, and a whole lotta love for you.

about denise

denise (they/them) is a somatic trauma resolution practitioner, erotic movement arts facilitator and the founder of consensual culture. their work centers relational eros and pleasure embodiment for sensual and slow living, deeper intimacy and secure attachment, and the practice of self-worth and sovereignty.

they identify as a solo-polyamorous genderqueer immigrant of taoist malaysian chinese ancestry and currently find home in the occupied potawatomi, ojibwe, odawa territories known as chicago.

they are a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and adult sexual assault and harm, and feel committed to imagining and creating a world without patriarchy. they are devoted to making their life an offering to quan yin and shakti ma. they practice relationship anarchy and have a hyper-sensitivity to power dynamics in all their relations, and therefore feels adamant about being a conduit for consensual culture, no matter how hard it feels at times.

they would not be who they are today without their teachers and friends rachael maddox, rie katagiri, elydé arroyo, kai cheng thom, adrienne maree brown, resmaa menakem and countless others.

they are fueled by decaffeinated coffee, long walks with their pitbull baloo, long lazy afternoon breaks, talking to trees and crows, and erotic qi dancing. denise is also a reiki energy healer, poet and writer, and aspiring acupuncturist and chinese medicine doctor.

follow their work on instagram @denisehuiming or on their self-publication sanctuaryofself.substack.com.